Our Purpose

We want to SHINE SOME LIGHT INTO THE LIVES OF THOSE SUFFERING by funding increased specialised care for Brain Conditions sufferers and their families.

We are a not for profit Partnership. We organise events to raise funds for the chosen Registered Charities detailed below in a fully transparent and compliant manner. Can we say just how important these Associations are. These are the organisations who champion the patients and families of people who contract these neurological conditions. They are in your corner from the moment you get connected. They hold your hand throughout. The difficulty is that they are self-funding and need proper help.

None of them have enough specialist nurses to help in the community.

IMNDA, have over 350 patients in Ireland, with 4 nurses covering the country.

PDAI, have 12-14,000 patients with 5 specialist nurses, via the HSE.

HDAI have somewhere in the region of 750 patients, they are not sure, with 3000 people at risk; they don’t have any nurses.

MS IRELAND provides a wide range of services and support that are often a lifeline for some 9,000+ people living with Multiple Sclerosis in Ireland

Ireland has 34 Neurologists; it can take 6 months to see one, even if you have the money. It can take several years to see your first HSE Neurologist, to get a diagnosis.