Our Team

Our Team


John Kelly*, Kate Mellor, Joe Condon*, Bernie Black, Frank Fenn*, Peter Kavanagh

We are a small team, supported by friends and family, we meet virtually, once a month or more often depending on the time of year. We are always looking for people to come and join us. Among others Social Media and Marketing skills are always in demand ; so if you have some free time then we’d love to hear from you.

Special Thanks goes to Frank, Joe and Kate for the wonderful work they do and have done now for many years. Many thanks to James & Martina Murphy and Ed Mooney* who have helped us in the past and Eva Fenn who managed our Social Media in 2020. We welcome Bernie and Peter (both former classmates of ours from UCD) to our team.

Richie Hunt and many others, including family members and friends, have all contributed in many notable ways, to help with events and to raise funds.

It is the help of others that sustains us.. and sustains our chosen charities… who in turn help sustain those with conditions and their families.

We are also grateful to all those in the media who help us as well.

When I say classmates, I am particularly grateful to our BComm Class mates of 1979-82 where many of us are still in close contact on a daily basis, thanks to the wonders of technology, but many have come to help, including Frank, Phil, Bernie, Peter, Ed and James and many others who support us on every event.

We remember too our dear classmate Oonagh Kavanagh, who for a short while had hoped to join us in our meetings but was taken from us by MND. Oonagh was so enthusiastic about what we were doing, and helped charge our batteries with hope, but sadly it was not to be, in the end we never got to hear or see Oonagh ; MND had been too quick ; But Oonagh leaves us with an inspiration we can carry with us ; “Carpe Diem” Oonagh would whatsapp.. and so we do.

By John Kelly 

* Partners in the SunriseForBrainConditions ‘not for profit’ registered Partnership