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Dublin Neurological Institute (DNI)

For Parkinson’s, SunriseForBrainConditions.org are supporting DNI for 2021 as they need funds for a Deep Brain Stimulation Service (DBS) – an important development for many people with Parkinson’s.

To assist people with Parkinson’s, this year we would really like to source some PD Monitors (www.pdneurotechnology.com) which are a kinetic monitoring system based on a wearable sensors placed on the wrists, ankles and waist, each with a magnetometer, gyroscope and accelerometer. The system provides a huge amount of data that is uploaded each night by a person with PD to feedback remotely to their neurology team. It is the most advanced system of a number that have evolved over the past 10 years. The output is very much conducive to research as well as the monitoring of treatment response to make treatment decisions. This device fits well into the current message of avoiding hospital attendance with COVID and provide real-life data on a person’s function that cannot be obtained in a clinic visit.

The All Ireland Deep Brain Stimulation Service (DBS) is part of the DNI service. DBS is an effective treatment for a subset of patients suffering with disabling neurological movement disorders where symptoms are inadequately controlled with oral medications, namely Parkinson’s Disease (PD), essential tremor (ET) and dystonia.  

Please watch the following video where Professor Richard Walsh MD MRCPI Consultant Neurologist answers questions from John Kelly of SunriseForBrainConditions.org about PD Monitors and Deep Brain Stimulation Surgery coming to Dublin later in 2021. SunriseForBrainConditions.org are running fundraising events to raise funding for DNI (Dublin Neurological Institute) to pay for PD Monitors. Please help by donating on www.idonate.ie/DNISunriseUpCP
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 Watch the positive impact of DBS working…. 

This year approximately 44,000 people across Ireland will be diagnosed with a neurological condition, that’s in addition to the 700,000 people already diagnosed.  Today with a ratio of just 1 per 140,625 people, Ireland has the lowest number of Consultant Neurologists per head of population in the entire western world.

The Dublin Neurological Institute will go a long way towards improving the care and services available for neurological patients but we need your help to continue funding this essential facility.

While much has been achieved we have much to still do and big plans for the next 5 years. Our aim has always been to provide a centre of excellence where clinical care and research thrive together. The last 5 years have gone a long way to producing this. Going forward we will continue to expand on the specialised clinics and information sessions that we offer. We will continue with our research projects to help find better treatment options and cures to these debilitating conditions. We will also fund more complimentary therapies to increase the holistic services we are offering patients.

We also hope to expand on the information sessions that were started in 2013. Through our information sessions that are held within the Institute the aim is to provide information to attendees on topics such as what the diagnosis means, what help and assistance may be available to them, what are the current treatments available and other topics to help support the very valuable work that carers do day to day. 


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