Where Your Money Goes!

2020 – €20,000

2019 – €25,000

2018 – €20,000

2017 – €15,000

2016 – € 5,000

Total raised to date  – €85,000

Your Money Goes Direct To Our Charities

At SunriseForBrainConditions we  use iDonate in Ireland & Virgin Money in the UK to route donations  to the charities without us having access to the money raised .  This results in a transparent process providing donors & participants the reassurance that their money is going where it is supposed to whilst also allowing us to account for & verify the effectiveness of our fundraising activities. 

Sunrise Up Croagh Patrick  (now SunriseforBrainConditions.org) is an extremely valuable supporter of HDAI. We have received €8935.13 (net of iDonate fees) from your 2020 event.  We greatly appreciate your help.

Our Board have just approved another €10,000 to Dr Pender’s work at Beaumont Hospital …

Due to the relative rarity of Huntington’s Disease and the lack of awareness outside of our community the Sun Rise Up Croagh Patrick event has been vital to us over recent years and even more so in 2020 as the current pandemic adds extra challenges and trauma to the lives of many Huntington’s Disease families. Huntington’s Disease Association of Ireland provides information and support to individuals and families. We also raise awareness and advocate for improved HD services as dedicated services are severely lacking in Ireland. In order to support a dedicated HD clinic and research programme with Dr Niall Pender, Beaumont hospital HDAI have contributed €10,000 in funding each year in 2018, 2019 and 2020. SUCP’s support allows us to continue our essential service. Sincere thanks to All.”

Rest assured you are making a huge difference to the HD community. The money raised goes a long way but in addition the positive benefit for families of feeling supported is priceless – knowing there’s a team of people outside of the HD community who want to help  and who raise awareness and funds!

Patricia Towey

Information and Services Coordinator, Huntington’s Disease Association of Ireland

Many thanks for the money raised by the Sunrise Up Croagh Patrick event  (now SunriseforBrainConditions.org), it is really appreciated.

The money raised has been instrumental to us for Rock Steady Boxing. This class have brought so much positivity to our Parkinson’s community. The programme designed with a “can do” attitude has helped so many people.  The improvement to people’s lives (and myself) is so great to see.  With your money raised we were able to plan training to have coaches nationwide by RSB USA in March, but unfortunately with only two weeks away it had to be cancelled due to Covid but we will get back to that as soon as is possible.

 We then moved these classes online and with your funds we could buy a Zoom license and pay our Coach.  This has been a lifeline for exercise during these restrictions as well as keeping people connected.

 We hope these restrictions will end soon so that we can get on with planning to have RSB nationwide and more activities in order to have a better life for people living with Parkinson’s in Ireland.

 Many thanks again and maybe someday when we get back to “normal” you can come and see a session in the gym, or maybe even join

Mary Casserley

Chairperson, YPI, €6,286 (net of iDonate fees) was raised by SunriseUpCroaghPatrick for Young Parkinson’s in 2020

The IMNDA is hugely grateful to the ‘Sunrise up Croagh Patrick’  (now SunriseforBrainConditions.org) team and all the participants who once again supported us this June albeit under very different and strange circumstances! We are truly grateful to be one of the beneficiaries of this wonderful annual event and thank you all most sincerely for raising  €4,272 which will go towards our invaluable MND Nursing Service. Thank you

Gemma Watts

National Development Manager, Irish Motor Neuron Disease Association

Our chosen charities for 2021 are

Huntington's Disease

Huntington’s Disease (HD) is a life-limiting hereditary brain condition that affects a person’s physical abilities, emotions and thinking skills. Symptoms can vary significantly even between individuals in the same family. Over the course of the illness, from 15 to 25 years on average, people with HD will lose the ability to walk, talk, eat and manage their…

CHY 10130 CRA 20025656 CRN 290191

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The All Ireland Deep Brain Stimulation Service (DBS) is part of the DNI service. DBS is an effective treatment for a subset of patients suffering with disabling neurological movement disorders where symptoms are inadequately controlled with oral medications, namely Parkinson’s Disease (PD), essential tremor (ET) and dystonia..


Charity Registration No: CHY19722 Registration No:9755710W

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The Irish Motor Neurone Disease Association (IMNDA) is the only organisation of its kind in the country providing specialised services to families affected by this terminal condition. The Association seeks to alleviate the feelings of isolation and frustration.

They offer consistent support to approximately 400 families across Ireland…

Charity Registration Number: 20021009 CHY: 8510

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MS Ireland

The Multiple Sclerosis Society of Ireland is the only national organisation working solely on behalf of people living with Multiple Sclerosis and thousands more who share their lives.

MS Ireland provides a wide range of services and support that are often a lifeline for some 9,000+ people living with Multiple Sclerosis. Such services include the MS Information Line, a network of professional community workers and case workers…

Registered Charity Number: 20007867 – CHY 5365

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